Jul 062011
It’s here! Grab your iPads, smartphones and Kindles! My very first short story is available on the Amazon Kindle for $0.99! Give it a go all you readers out there. Even non-sci fi lovers might love it. And if you DO end up loving it, be a fan of/like the page on Facebook! It brings good karma 🙂



In a distant future, where humans have colonized all but the most barren solar systems in our Milky Way galaxy, a new frontier begins 87,000 light years away. With rampant piracy and corruption bringing the newly founded civilization to the brink of collapse, decorated ex-Alliance Navy officer, Eli Saffinger, is hired to protect a freighter that could single-handedly revitalize the economy and morale of the intergalactic pioneers. Knowing the inevitable consequence of escorting such valuable cargo, Saffinger prepares to confront the most ruthless and dangerous privateer in the southern Messier region – a mission that many have undertaken but none have survived.

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